Helaina Hovitz

I’m an editor, journalist, author, storyteller, creative strategist, and native New Yorker who has always had the unreasonable notion that I can help change the world.

My greatest passion is writing inspiring stories about charities, social good, nonprofits, social issues, animal rescue, mental health, and recovery, though I also write about the lighter things in life, like food, wellness, and culture.

My continuing bylines can be found in over 50 publications including:

The New York Times,  Salon,  Glamour,  The New York Observer,  BuzzFeed, VICE, Women’s Health, Teen Vogue, Newsday,  Forbes, Thrillist, HEALTH,  Gothamist,  Huffington Post,  Bustle,  Newsweek, xoJane,  Prevention,  Reader’s Digest,  Nationswell, The Daily Meal, SELF,  TODAY.COM,  The Week,  Greatist, Fox News Health, PBS’s Next Avenue, PsychCentral, Recovery.Org,  Brooklyn Magazine,  Downtown Magazine, The Fix, The Advocate, Impact Hub, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Edible, Tasting Table, and more.

I’m the author of the memoir After 9/11

 I have also been featured on/in CBS, PBS Newshour, The TODAY Show, 1010Wins, PEOPLE, New York 1, WPIX11, The Atlantic, Psych Central, SHAPE, Epoch Times, CTV (Canada) The Australian TODAY Show, VOX News, Scholastic Magazine, Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. 

I also love helping people figure out how to discover and deliver the positive and hopeful narratives within their own brand. 

People have called me an Editorial Magician for many reasons, but remember this: just because you don’t see my byline doesn’t mean I’m not there. If you’re looking for ways to engage a social media audience with compelling content, strategize your next big campaign or story series and execute it effectively, find the right words at the right time for branding or ad copy, or strategize media outreach, I’m your girl. If you don’t know what your story is at any given time, I can help you find it—and make it great. I’ve helped launch brands with a bang, and believe that within any mission-driven initiative, company, or organization, there are multitudes of hopeful, positive stories waiting to be told. I also take some pretty decent professional photos.

My most recent, full-time, in-house job was The Editor of Branded Content at Upworthy+GOOD

Tell me: what are your goals, what can I do for you, and

Also, people always ask me how old I am. I’m 28. That is all.