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Chic and Regal Knits

This page is a visual showcase of both garments I’ve created myself and ones that I have knit from other designers!

I’ve also started listing some of my patterns officially as a fundraiser for animal rescue!

Knitting Your Wild OOAKs* Should Be Modern and Bespoke

I have, and can make, hundreds of different types of garments in an infinite amount of color combinations and sizes, using different fibers such as merino wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, silk and bamboo, and more. Of course sparkle can always be added, too! Let’s talk! Feel free to contact me at HelainaWrites@gmail.com to discuss anything you might be interested in or to see photos of many more knits I have already made!

*One Of A Kind

All Images © Helaina Hovitz Regal