Wiley to the Rescue

Real Estate, Volunteering and The Big Apple(S).

Today I’m interviewing Danelle Snider, a very smart real estate lady who sells sections of inside space to humans. We’re still in talks about how to get a unilateral ban on the “No Pets” policy that some crazy people make up, but in the meantime, here’s how far we’ve gotten.

I’m considering going into Real Estate myself. Do you ever take your dog on apartment showings to soften up the Hoomans with the moneys? #TheCloser 

I haven’t taken Roman with me on appointments but I have taken him to clients homes when I’ve visited them after closing. He loves to check out how people have personalized their space and they love his snuggles! 

I’m glad that he’s getting his smell all over lots of places, this way he technically can claim to all of them as “mine.” In dog currency, he’s actually now a very wealthy landowner. 

I’m very proud of all he’s accomplished!

We’ve already spent too much time talking about a dog that isn’t me. So switching gears: I need a lot of personal space outside. Where am I least likely to see other small, cute, fluffy dogs or puppies that are a threat to both my serenity and, not to be dramatic, my entire life?

Wiley, you would be a perfect candidate for a ground floor home with an outdoor garden. I think you would love it, because you would even have your very own plot of grass to roll around in.  You could invite your friends over or make it a space all your own.

I don’t have any friends because I don’t understand friendship, but I do like personal space. Maybe I can make some friends by assuring I’m in the dominant position by getting my real estate license.

Sure, with your personality I think you would do great!  I love helping people find their very own piece of The Big Apple. You like apples, right?

I like all of the foods, especially big foods. Speaking of which, how many treats would I have to save up to be able to afford my own place in Lower Manhattan that I can do my deep belly breathing in peace when mommy is too extra?

We should be able to find you a nice private outdoor space, but start saving up those treats now. Also, a lot of people in the city have roommates and learn how to handle their quirks. I would suggest continuing to live with mommy, but maybe going to a co-working space during the day or taking a walk around the village. If you do decide you want to invest your treats in a place, let’s talk.

Some people in the city don’t have homes. How can we help those people? I like personally like the Housing First program, because, for example, you need a house before you can get house trained.

I volunteer with New York Cares. They do a lot to help all of our neighbors! I’ve spent time helping them at several nursing homes across the city (you would be such a hit there!), at after-school art programs and at a food bank in Harlem. They do so much to help the homeless folks in our city. They serve thousands every week through various soup kitchens around the city. They are always looking for volunteers so if you know of any hoomans looking to help out their fellow hoomans let me know and I will connect them with the right people! 

For more amazing dog stuff, check out my philanthropic online store, Wiley to the Rescue. I donate 50% of all proceeds to dog related charities and nonprofits.

If you want to contact Danelle about any of the above, email Danelle.snider@compass.com!