A Hit of Happiness

A Hit of Happiness, What’s That? And Y Tho?

Since graduating in 2011, my mission has been to bring important, meaningful, helpful and inspiring positive news stories to the world.

There is good in the world, and it’s people that make that good possible. For years, these stories have been a tough sell to mainstream media, but I plowed ahead as a journalist, editor, and all-things-media gal trying to get folks to publish these stories.

When they wouldn’t, I gave them away for free, then I started my own news sites, then I went in-house to a giant viral social good news site, then started working directly with the companies and organizations out there “doing the doing.” All the while, I never posted a single blog post that was not run by a third party.

Here in 2018, with social media being the primary way we all receive information—and newsrooms either being shuttered entirely or cutting staff and budgets left and right—I thought, you know, why not do it myself?

These stories and podcasts will not be long. Listening to someone for 15 minutes is 14 more than most of us have, most likely. But I do want to share with the world what I want to share without any of the roadblocks telling me I can’t.

I’m here to bring some happiness into your day and help you learn ways to bring more goodness into your life. 

Send me your stories, your suggestions, your wants, your needs, and I will try to meet them, while bringing you content that personally brings a hit of happiness to my life.

If even one person reads or listens to anything here, that’s one person who I guarantee will be glad they did.

Since I’ve been sober since age 22, the only hit I’m taking is a hit of happiness, and it’s coming your way!