Social Media and Content Strategy

If you’re looking for ways to engage your readers and followers with compelling content, figure out how to strategize your next big campaign or story series, find the right words and photos at the right time to successfully engage and grow your social media audience, I’m your girl. I do a deep dive and stay immersed in your world every day

Boosts always seem like a quick way to reach people, but they never, ever work for anyone, and the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram are always changing.
You need someone who is going to ask you a lot of questions, listen to your responses, look closely at your insights, and care too much!
Often, we know what we want to share, but don’t think about what the rest of the sharers out there are actually motivated to engage with and share and why, and that’s where the game really changes.
You need someone who will do a deep dive, analyze your data, look at the industry trends, and then pay close attention over time to what your audience does and doesn’t respond to, and go from there. And, it’s also not just about the posts themselves, but about figuring out and reaching your personal goals, finding your voice and your online personality, thinking about the type of content you may want to start generating, and having someone there to help you reach people in a meaningful way.
I also blog, ghost write, take professional photos, and generate tons of ideas—I won’t just look to you to tell me what to do. We’ll work together.
I strategically remain an invisible force with my clients, but can provide case studies/metrics and referrals upon request.

Here’s a snippet that offers a bit more detail about my most recent in-house professional experience behind the scenes. 

 Editor of Branded Content              


During the transitional time of a merger, I managed, edited, conceptualized, developed and executed copy submitted for publication under the branded studio of Good + Upworthy. I oversaw 30 active campaigns at any given time from sponsors and brands like Starbucks, Cigna and State Farm. Each campaign contained up to 20 articles to run over a 2-3 month period.

I optimized stories for engagement with over 12 million Facebook followers, with the goal of ethically motivating them to click and remain engaged with the entire story. I lent my expertise to assuring these stories blended seamlessly with the rest of the editorial content across both sites, upholding our editorial standards while also making sure clients were happy with the final post.

I also communicated directly with clients and other team leads, hired and trained new staff and freelance writers, and, most importantly, worked to identify the most impactful storytelling narrative for each story concept sold and delegated to our editorial team. This meant fast-paced, creative thinking aimed at drawing out the most hopeful, emotional and inspirational components of any given story in a way that would resonate most with readers.

    • Worked to find the most engagement storytelling narrative for each story concept sold and delegated to the editorial team and identified the hopeful, emotional and inspirational components.
    • Edited pieces with both bigger-picture suggestions and line edits, from concept to execution, other editors and writers, keeping both client and brand goals in mind and negotiating that with the editorial standards and mission of the site.
    • Worked to achieve highest “upscores” and reader engagement for every article based on previous data and real-time A/B testing data.
    • Made decisions on how to address client feedback in a proactive way while upholding editorial standards of the site/s.
    • Oversaw and addressed hundreds of messages and requests that came through the Asana task management system each day.
    • Effectively multi-tasked across programming platforms with many staff members at once while keeping highly organized with lists, spreadsheets and other management systems.
    • Worked with editors, video/digital department and graphics/photo editors to develop and deliver story packages.
    • Managed and created editorial calendars for each brand campaign.
    • Interviewed and hired freelancers, project editors, new staff and full and part-time contractors.
    • Established a vision for execution of editorial articles and editorial campaigns.
    • Oversaw and participated in pitch-hunting to assure client received ideas in line with their expectations.
    • Interfaced with copy and standards departments to assure accuracy and enforce best practices in all deliverable copy.
    • Monitored and amended headlines and social media share texts to avoid ‘Clickbait’ while optimizing clicks in an ethical way.
    • Communicated frequently, clearly, and congenially with all other staff, even in difficult situations and listened with an equally astute ear.
      • Developed strong relationships with numerous sources, organizations, and publicists.
    • Analyzed which stories generated the most traffic in order to build a wider audience and increase unique visits per month.

So, tell me what your goals are, what I can do for you, and: