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New York Times

For Sheldon Silver, Sunday Is a Meet-and-Greet Day

Teen Vogue

Why a Study Claiming Computers Can Determine Sexuality is Under Ethical Review

What the 20 Years Since 9/11 Have Been Like For a Survivor 

Social Media Anxiety Disorder: It’s Real

Mental Health Resources for Teens

8 Young Environmentalists Who Are Working to Save the Earth

Gender Affirmation Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

What Earth Hour Is And How to Participate

8 Ways to Say ‘No’ to Drinking Without Being Awkward

When Social Drinking Goes Too Far

The Top 8 Meditation Apps of 2017

How I Survived the 9/11 Attacks in NYC

Did Your Hometown Make The List? 15 Worst States for STDs

Drunk Texting This Number Can Prevent Suicide

The Best Vibrator for Beginners

Mono: What You Should Know

How I Knew I Needed to Stop Drinking Alcohol

7 Signs Your Friend Might Have a Drinking Problem— And What to Do About It

Tobacco Companies Target People Struggling With Mental Health

How to Spot a Toxic Friend


The 9/11 Stories We’ve Never Told Anyone    

All my wasted New Year’s


32 Kitchen Items That Prove Cast Iron Is Serious Business

34 Must-Have Items For People Obsessed With Pasta


Getting Sober Wasn’t Easy—But It Taught Me Some Pretty Crucial Life Skills

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Kissing You Never Knew Existed

A Child Survivor of 9/11 Grows Up

8 Amazing Things You Learn From Sober Dating

Women Are Making a Huge Difference With Their Activism, and That’s Worth Celebrating

Sex Toy Freelancers Share Their Picks for Best Toys for Self-Love

Fast Company

A New Wave Of Socially Conscious Tampon Companies Focuses On Organics And Giving Back


Now That’s Refreshing: 22-Year-Old’s Hawaiian Bottled Water Grows 4000% in 3 Years

Swipe Right For Democracy: Sean Parker’s New Network Targets Social Change

Pets Before Profits: The $40M Gamble That Paid Off for This CEO

This Man is Helping Businesses Turn Good Karma Into Capital

How Start-Ups Can ‘Get It Right’ in 2016: Social Good CEO Shares Top 7 Tips

Hollywood Helps LA’s Struggling Population With Hands-On Approach

Taking Inspiration from Tragedy 

Following the Millions in LUSH’s Charity Pot

A Bedtime Experience for Nation’s Homeless Children

Beyond Society’s Safety Net

After Raising $10 Million for Dating App, CEO’s New Challenge is Matching People With Shelter Pets

With ‘Wish Upon A Wedding,’ A Commitment In Sickness And In Health 

Vigil Volunteers Offer Comfort and Companionship During Final Hours

After Graduation, Support Is Scarce Yet Crucial For Young Adults With Autism 

The Social Good Network: Where 11,000 Entrepreneurs Go To Grow

Angle Organizations Rescue Special Needs and Senior Pets

Nonprofit Fills in Gaps to Help Children of Fallen Veterans Attend College

Motivated by Dark Childhood, Entrepreneur Helps At-Risk Kids With ‘Friends’ Program

How to Fund 141 Nonprofits at Once

Following the Millions in LUSH’s Charity Pot


Some Simple Ways to Turn Anxiety Into Excitement

How to Know If You’re Apologizing Too Much

Is a SodaStream Worth the Hype?

The Basic (but Life-Changing) Knife Skills You Should Know Before You Turn 30


‘What was it like?’ Answering children’s questions about 9/11

Fox News Health

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Kissing You Never Knew Existed


How Surviving Trauma Helped Me Find the Love of My Life


WeWork Just Paid Health Care Entrepreneurs and Innovators Millions for Their Social Impact Efforts

Stories of Real-Life Heroes, Not Politics, Empower This Advocacy Group

We Aren’t Paying Enough Attention to the Bad Chemicals in Our Toothpaste

Hate Speech Cannot Be Normalized While Americans Grapple With the Limits of Free Speech

How to Keep Your Sanity in an Era of Divisive Politics, a 24/7 News Cycle and a Devastating New Tax Bill

45 Refugees Documented Their Lives With Disposable Cameras for New Art Project

Neighborhood Without a Grocery Store for 40 Years Is Changing How It Gets Good Food

Horror Movies Misrepresent Mental Illness in Every Way

Constant Exposure to Politics via Social Media is Bad for Your Mental Health: Here’s What You Can Do About It. 

A 9/11 Witness Raises Awareness of Mental Health Misdiagnoses

What To Do If You’re Being Harassed At Work Because of Who You Are

Tampons Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Billions in Untapped College Financial Aid Is up for Grabs With This New Tool

We Asked People How They Fight Their Sunday Night Anxiety

How Surviving 9/11 As a Kid Messed with My Head

The Real Progress on Immigration Reform is Happening on College Campuses

We Asked People How They’re Managing Their Trump Anxiety

Lazy At-Home Workouts for When the Gym Isn’t Going to Happen

A Million Ways I Tried to Cure My Chronic Migraine

Why Young People Still Smoke Cigarettes

We Asked Asexuals What They Fantasize About

We Asked 20-Somethings Why They Still Use Tanning Beds



Bittersweet Memories of a Changed NYC After 9/11

Why a 9/11 Survivor Celebrates The Suspension of Trump’s Immigration Ban



Putting Their Prison Pasts Behind Them


Hastings teen sensation campaigns against bullies through song

Vanessa Williams on her Broadway role in ‘The Trip to Bountiful’


The 11 Coolest Jobs in NYC – And How To Get Them

Best Things To Do At Night In NYC That Aren’t Going To a Bar 

How My “Interfaith” Engagement Set Off a Massive Facebook Backlash

Best Non-Strip Ways to Whiten Your Teeth 

How To Get Over a Cough Without Loading Up On Meds

What to do if you think you’re coming down with Strep Throat

After We Broke Up, My Ex-Girlfriend Became My Ex-Boyfriend

7 Unique Ways NYC Restaurants Are Giving Back for the Holidays

Marie Claire:

The Women Of Ground Zero Share Their Stories Of Horror, Heartache And Hope


I Agreed To Have My Health Evaluated Based Solely On My Picture

This is What Sex Looks Like After You Get Sober


After a traumatic injury, one athlete refused to quit and powered on to help others.

Eco-friendly concrete could make your morning commute a lot smoother.

Get “greener” by trying as many of these 17 challenges as you can.


How to Stop Worrying If You Suck at Yoga and Just Start Doing It Already

I’ll Never Stop Fighting for Relief from My Nine-Year Migraine

I Was 12 Years Old and a Few Hundred Feet Away When the Twin Towers Fell on 9/11

I Had a Halloween Experience So Scary that I Got Sober


No longer the enemy, video games used in gym class


These 3 Coffee Shops Offer Classes That Will Make You an Espresso Master

How This Flex Mussels Chef Became a Bivalve Expert

Head to Gowanus for a Warming Bowl of Pescatarian Chili

Get Pumped: Here’s What’s New at Navy Beach in Montauk This Year

Donors Unite Offers Gift Cards for Change

East Hampton Chef Michael Rozzi to Return to James Beard House This Month

Sustainably Charged Plant Sale Getting Major Buzz in LI Community

At Boutros in Brooklyn Heights, the Fluke Tartare Has Bite

Want to Help Clean Our Waters? One Word: Shellfish

This is the Secret Ingredient Your Halloween Party is Missing


Some of My Peers Are Only Now Realizing Their PTSD

COVID survivors need just as much help as 9/11 survivors did

Los Angeles Times

Burger and Lobster’s Times Square Location Is a Delicious Midtown Option

A mother-and-son collaboration redefines traditional Lebanese cuisine

I traveled a whole 20 minutes Into Brooklyn for Sugarcane

Badshah is a heavenly addition to Hell’s Kitchen

Why Anejo opts for fruity flavors in cold months

Tasting Table

This Recovering Alcoholic Opened a Restaurant to Help People Just like Him

Aarón Sánchez’s 6 Tips for Tackling Picky Eaters

Going Out To Eat is So Much More Fun Thanks to This Power Tool

Don’t Have a Cow: The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Beef Labels

Fermented Chinese Foods That Will Change the Way You Cook


I Survived 9/11 as a Child—It Took Years to Get a PTSD Diagnosis


Lube 101

The Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Your Sexuality

The Down & Dirty Guide to Improving Your Sex Life

Headlines for the Hopeful

‘Rescue Chocolate’ Donates All Profits to Save Dogs & Cats

“Floating Hospital” Gives Free Healthcare To Families of Domestic Abuse & Homeless

Twins Help Kids Across U.S. Find Volunteer Opportunities

Putting the “Good” in Grief For Kids Living With Loss

Female Survivors Use Custom Tech For Social Change

Top GoFundMe Campaigns of the Year Will Melt Your Heart

This App is Bringing Smartphone Messaging to Millions of Deaf Users (Finally!)

Flying Eye Hospital Restores Sight Around the World

Sustainable Bee Hives Help Former Inmates Thrive

On #GivingTuesday, Help Bring ‘Elephant Pumps’ & Clean Water to Africa

College Kid’s High-Tech Invention Helps Blind People Navigate

Meet The People You’ll Help When You Donate For The Holidays

‘Building Beats’ Helps Fuel DJ Dreams For Inner-City Kids

Foundation Helps Firefighters & Veterans in Memory of 9/11 Hero

Free Mobile Showers Offer Fresh Start For City’s Homeless

Amy Winehouse Foundation Fills Sobriety Support Gap For Young Women in UK

“Purpose Hotel” Dreams Big With Charitable Overnight Stays

Healthy Food Drive for Thanksgiving Is Lifesaving

Blind, Deaf, Orphaned Dogs Help Women See Need for Adoption Awareness

Why More News Sources Need to Use Caption On Video

Dreaded “6-Pack Ring” Gets Eco-Friendly Makeover: Marine Wildlife Can Eat It

Bronx Kids Boogie, Learn & Laugh With Help of Nonprofit

Why One Young Woman Quit Her Job to Focus on Saving 7 Shelter Dogs

Trouble In Paradise: Teen’s Nonprofit Educates Invisible Children of St. Thomas

How “Cardboard Water” Is Saving The Environment & Reviving a Local Community

$11M Moving Company Saves Women in Danger By Giving Services Away Every Day

This Famous CEO Is “Growing People” In His Greenhouse

For Millions of Children in D.R. Plagued by Darkness & Blackouts, The Solution Only Costs $5

Why This Woman Is Granting Children’s Wishes for “Needs” Instead of “Wants”

Drama for Trauma: A Seriously Unique Approach to Therapy

She Plans To Save The Planet—And Women’s Privates—With a Pair of Panties

You Helped 3 Awesome Nonprofits Win Grants For 2017

Formerly Homeless Teen Says Tampons Are Key to Global Development. Period.

“Eternal Reefs” Turn Loved Ones’ Cremated Ashes Into Food for Marine Life

MSN & The Week 

I was 12 when I survived 9/11. Here’s how I finally recovered.

PBS’s Next Avenue

This teen’s caring initiative is making a difference across the country

How to Help Someone in Your Family Living with Alcoholism

Nursing Home Visits Make a Lasting Impression

On 9/11, I Was in Middle School 3 Blocks From the World Trade Center

When It’s Actually Healthier Not to Retire


5 Scholarship Essay Tips Worth Their Weight In Financial Aid

Making Paper While Writing Papers: How College Work-Study Compares With Outside Gigs

People are talking about student loan debit cards. Here’s what you should know.

Brooklyn Magazine

Thai Newcomer  Is a Welcome Bright Spot on a Gray Grid

Candy That’s Good for Your Teeth, and Community

First Kickstarter-Funded Sex Toy Campaign Grows in Brooklyn

Wanna Volunteer? This Brooklyn-based App Makes it Easy

Women’s Health

7 OTC Meds That Might Affect Your Sex Life


What the holidays are like for a Recovering Alcoholic Like Me

I thought parental disapproval of marriage was a problem of the past. I was wrong.


I Was Trying On Wedding Rings & Got Stuck In One

Why I’ve Never Faked an Orgasm

I Was Caught In the Middle of 9/11 As A Child & It Changed The Course Of My Life

10 Ways to Stay Sober for the Holidays

If You’re Triggered By The Inauguration, Don’t Drink To Cope

Can A High-Tech Headband Make Meditation Easier?

What Is It Like To Be A Food Writer Who’s Also In Recovery?

The Optimist




These Teens Affected by Poverty Are Helping Other Children In Need

The 5 Coolest Ways You Can Support Veterans Right Now

Military Kid Reaches Into Shelter to Create Jobs for Homeless Veterans

New Technology Allows Female Survivors to Speak Up

10 Easy Ways to Volunteer From Home? We’re In.

14 Meaningful Volunteer Gigs To Do With Your Kids

Help The Red Cross Prevent In-Home Fires In Your Nabe

Impact Hub

The UN needs us to help hit 17 world-changing goals. Let’s do this.

The Discovery House

6 Questions About PTSD, Answered

Reader’s Digest

How One Pair of Socks Led to a Movement That Helped 350,000 Homeless People

Meet The 17 Most Inspiring Kids of 2017

7 Signs Your Aging Loved Ones Need More Care ASAP—and What to Do About It

Bad News Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health—Here’s How To Cope

13 Powerful Things Surviving a Terrorist Attack Taught Me About Life

8 Inspiring Women Who Are Changing the Lives of Women Across the World

7 Recipes Even the Pickiest of Eaters Will Love—Seriously!

Ditch the Sugar for These 12 Better-for-You, Natural Sweeteners

Tea’s Not Just for Drinking: 7 Genius Ways to Cook with It

10 Silent Signs You Could Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

How to Tell If Your Social Drinking Is Normal—or Something More Serious

See Ya, Love Handles! These Trainer-Approved Moves Will Make them Disappear

What Yoga Teachers REALLY Wish You Knew

7 Signs Your PMS Is Actually PMDD—Which is Way Worse

How to Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump Without Caffeine

12 Ways to Stop Always Being in Such a Hurry

I Tried 5 Different Sleep Apps to Help My Insomnia

7 Tricks that Turn Household Chores into Legit Workouts

10 Signs Your Partner Is Not “The One”

8 Things You Never Knew About Kissing

How to Stay Sane a Month Before Your Wedding

The Advocate

Museum Worker Bullied By Boss for Being HIV Positive, Ga


10 Ways To Own Party Season When You Have Social Anxiety 


Us: ‘We’re Getting Married!’ Them: ‘How Can You Be So Selfish?!

Getting With the Pajama Program 

If You See Something, Do Something

Christmas, On the Rocks 

South Street Seaport’s small businesses struggle to survive post-Sandy 









The Fix

Am I Still in AA If I’m Not Going to Meetings?

Bill Nye the Science Guy Explores Addiction

When Bingeing on Horror No Longer Works

Unpacking  The Link Between Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Abuse Disorders

“Getting Off”: Erica Garza Discusses Recovery from Sex and Porn Addiction

Trauma, Alcoholism and Horror: My New Relationship With Scares

Daybreaker Campus Reinvents College Partying

In Defense of 12-Step Programs

Are You Addicted to Love? 

5 Surprising Ways PTSD Affected My Relationships

After 9/11: Childhood Trauma and Addiction

13 Tips for Dealing with Your Family on Thanksgiving—Sober

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Sobriety

Huffington Post

Adopt Don’t Shop: An Exclusive Interview With Rescue Dogs Little Miss Lexi and Pumpkin

13 Horror Movies To Skip If You’ve Said “Me Too”

Why Beyonce Wants You to Buy This Backpack

Hollywood Stylist Gives Survivors New Hope 

Pencils of Promise Founder Reminds Us to Focus on the Children, Not Just the Statistics 

Rescue Dogs Bring Joy to Homebound Elderly

What This Election Means for A Woman With PTSD

What To Expect When You’re Fos’Pecting: Finding Love as a Foster Dog Mom

All Aboard the Smile Train: Organization Brightens One Million Young Lives 

The Surprising Way Emergency Vehicles in Major U.S. Cities Are Going Green

Makeup Artist Finds Calling in Giving Women Confidence & Funding Animal Rescue

Denied Service Dog, Veteran Finds Life-Changing Companion at Local Shelter

Autism Awareness Must Extend Beyond High School

A Green Solution to Overseas Hunger

Why These Children are Reading to Homeless Cats

Two Homeless Women Finally Get to Celebrate Mother’s Day

86-Year-Old Granted Wish for Party Cruise

The Social Petwork


Are You Vaccinated?’ How to Ask Others Before Holiday Gatherings

I Wrote About 9/11 and Unveiled Trauma I Never Knew Was There


When your entire life is mountain sports, a paralyzing injury cant keep you away. 

New York Observer

Last Night at the Webby Awards, Patton Oswalt Tried to Give David Karp a Wedgie 

The Powder Broker: From Teenage Drug Dealer to Real Estate ‘It’ Guy 

Hip-Hop Array: A night at Russell Simmons’s house

NYC Cribs: The Homes of the Rich and Philanthropic

Mirror, Mirror: Modern Developments Gaining Grounds in Farthest Outreaches of Brooklyn 

Leman Manhattan Clazz Prez Vows to Fight Spread of Western Food Culture

Can video game classes get kids into college?

Turning Up the Heat on Mr. Warmth 

P.S. I Love You: Why Downtown Parents Are Choosing Public School

Kitchen Camp Confidential: Kid Chefs Can Handle the Heat at Léman Prep’s Culinary Summer Program

‘Next Time I’ll Work Harder!’: John Catsimatidis Loses Republican Primary

Write Responsibly: Liquor Heir Tony Cointreau Pens a Memoir

Ivy League Scholarships, Whitney Houston and One Voice of a Generation: LGBTQ Charity Point Foundation Honors Lena Dunham

New York’s Waterfront Gets a Re-Vamp

Hamptons Buyers Want it New

Career Kids

The After Party Magazine


Journey Through Darkness 

The Daily Meal

‘Vice Cream’ Is an Indulgent Way to Give Back to Cancer Research

New York City’s The Milling Room Debuts Sweet and Spicy Brunch Menu

Hunan Slurp Shop’s Chef Still Asks His Grandma for Recipe Advice

I’ve Struggled With Mental Health, Too: A Food Writer’s Reflection on Anthony Bourdain

Brooklyn Soup Kitchen Hosts ‘Spice of Hope’

Houston’s Xochi Evokes the Culinary Traditions of Oaxaca

Eating Through the Marriott Marquis Houston on a Brisk Spring Day

How the Farm Candy Shop Went From Local to International

Mr. White Brings Savory Bites From Nola to New York City

I Traveled A Whole 20 Minutes Into Brooklyn for Sugarcane

Badhash Is a Heavenly Addition to New York’s Hell’s Kitchen

Playa-Round at This New NYC Spot Serving More Than Just Açaí

Now You Can Have Your Cake and Destroy It Too

Deceptively Simple Menu Descriptions at NYC’s Loring Place

That Time a Private Chef Made Sushi With Us At Home

Bacon Beguiles in Belly’s 9-Course Brooklyn Omakase

7 Essential Tips for Navigating Rooftop Bars

Why Now’s the Time to Try Peruvian Cuisine in New York City

A Mexican Cooking Lesson Is Our First Challenge as a Married Couple

Cheap Kitchen Hacks to Make You Look Like a Genius When Making Brunch

Get ‘Em While They’re Cool: Must-Eats Before Blue Water Grill Relocates

Blue Salt, 25 Spoons, Oval Pies, and Other Secrets of the Decades-Long Run of  Altesi Restaurants

Writing on the Walls at David Burke’s Tavern62 

Food Delivery Platform Founded by Muslims Feeds Children and Charities With Every Order

NYC Chef Gears Up for the Annual Chef’s Cycle Fundraiser

Five Reasons I Broke My Wedding Dress Diet at Clancey NYC

Todd English Opens The Stinger at InterContinental 

Restaurant Partners Debut Casa Neta in Flatiron District

Indulge in the Ultimate French Cheese Course at NYC’s Le District’s Beaubourg

New Documentary On Late Chef Homaro Cantu Digs Deep Into Life of an Altruistic Trauma Survivor

Thanks to Hello Fresh, My Boyfriend Cooked Something for the First Time in 2 Years

Get Your Grasshopper Taco Fix at New York’s Villa Cemita

Nicky “Meatballs” Celebrating Two Years at New York’s Polpette

Dos Caminos Gets Naked With New Menu

Talking Turkey and Steak With Michael Symon, George Zakarian, and Marc Summers

Where To Go For New Year’s For Dinner and Dancing Before 9pm—For Under $100

A Food Scientist’s Lab is His Kitchen at New York’s Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse

New York’s Chalk Point Kitchen, A Love Story

New York’s Queen of the Night Brings the Heat with a New Summer Menu

New York’s Malaysian Rasa in the Village is a Dream Come True

Brunch at New York City’s Wallflower: A Stand-Out Meal

Wally’s Wine: Delicious and Decadent in Beverly Hills, Even if You’re Sober

New York’s Burger and Lobster Draws a Crowd, Treats Lobsters Humanely

David’s Tea Launches Special-Edition Teas to Benefit Kenya

Meet the Chef Who Makes Dessert for 700 People Every Sunday Morning at New York City’s Historic Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

Bringing Back the Bivlave to New York City

New York’s Holden and Astor is a Hit

New Restaurant COLORS Serves 100% Gluten Free Menu

David Burke Fabrik Debuts Brunch

New York’s Surya Re-Opens Three Years After Closing

What’s Black and Red and Charred All Over? My Dad’s Perfect Steak at Delmonico’s New York

Foodie Fanatics Are Welcome On This Curated Trip to White Fences Inn, Water Mill

Khe-Yo Serves a Proper Laotian Lunch

Celebrating Five Years with New York City’s Machiavelli

New York City’s Esperanto Celebrates 17 Years of Garlicky Goodness

Seven Minutes With Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, & More

Whimsical Ooviña is Too Good to Be Gluten-Free, but It Is

5 Thanksgiving Questions With Chef Wolfgang Puck

Find Out What’s Waiting on Wednesdays and Fridays at NYC’s Rubin Museum

Falling in Love at Elements in Aruba

Why You Absolutely Must Dine at Hyatt Aruba’s Mexicado and Ruinas del Mar

Forget the PSL: There’s Pumpkin Pizza in the West Village

Making Sushi With Michael Schulson

Sweet! Jacques Torres Re-Opens in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal

EatGood NYC Gives Cupcakes the Celebrity Treatment

New York’s Le Perigord Celebrates 50 Years of Bouillabaisse, Elizabeth Taylor, and Roast Duck

The Bonnie Offers Outdoor Dining and a Summery Menu to Match

Bustan’s New Menu Warms with Middle Eastern Spice

Chef Brandon Kita on the Magnificence of Mushrooms

Chef Bebber on the Art of Osso Buco 

Monday Night Fun at Pounds & Ounces

A Light & Bright Lunch at Refinery Rooftop

SD26’s Seasonal Menu Helps Fight Winter Blues

Yunnan Kitchen’s Spicey Dishes Offset Cold Winter Temps

New York’s Queen of the Night Brings the Heat with a New Summer Menu

Duet Brasserie Debuts on a High Note

The Bonnie Offers Outdoor Dining and a Summery Menu to Match

Bâoli Miami: Some Restaurants are (Luckily) Not Always What They Seem

Chef Luke Bergman Presents A Delightfully Surprising Menu at 1826 Restaurant

Bagatelle Miami: Bringing More Bubbles to the Beach

New York City’s Cowgirl Seahorse Takes Its Lunch Menu on A Wild Ride

New York’s Le Perigord Celebrates 50 Years of Bouillabaisse, Elizabeth Taylor, and Roast Duck

First Mustard Boutique in the U.S. lands in New York City

New York’s Louie and Chan is Italian, Not Chinese

Michelin-Starred Junoon Expands to Dubai

New York’s Malaysian Rasa is a Dream Come True

David’s Tea Launches Special-Edition Teas to Benefit Kenya

Creative Dishes Are “The Norm” in New York’s Brooklyn Museum

The Kitchen Table by White is One of Aruba’s Most Colorful Experiences

SCENE Magazine:

Darren Henault Lives In A Museum-Quality Rental

Investing With Ted Murphy

Invest: Julie Macklowe

Invest: Andy Russell

All Sports United

Under Her Makeup, ESPN’s Hannah Storm Bears a Scar That Inspired Her to Save Lives

The Mighty

How the ‘Slender Man’ Movie Will Profit From Real-Life Tragedy

What to Remember About the Invisible Scars of Trauma Survivors

What Students Need To Know About PTSD Post-School Shooting

Downtown Magazine

Former INTERMIX CEO Creates First Meditation Oasis-Downtown

 A Look At The Street Art At Chris Santos’s VANDAL 

It’s About Time NYC Got a Place With a Pizza Oven Designed Just for Delivery

AMADA Opens in Battery Park: Try the $78 Lobster Paella 

Artist & Activist Noel Jefferson on Tribeca, 9/11 & the New World Trade Center

A Give Back Gift Guide

A Look Into Kusmi Tea’s First U.S. Flagship Store in WTC

The Social Mission Behind THINX Period Panties 

Encourage Kids Foundation to Host 2nd Annual Tasting

Stamford Advocate:

After 9/11, finding solace in Connecticut


Why Cabaret Star Michelle Williams Feels Like a Baby & How Alan Cumming Almost Got Bitch-Slapped 

Annie Potts on Channeling Pink and Wowing Kristin Chenoweth

Cole Horibe on Staying Single, Dancing In Rhinestone Underwear & Paying Tribute to Bruce Lee in Kung Fu

Pageant Standout Seth Tucker on Dressing Like Barbie, Wardrobe Malfunctions & His Creepy First Apartment

Kinky Boots Star Jeanna de Waal on Wicked Tattoos, Prom Shoes & Her Brush with Prince Harry

Here Lies Love’s Conrad Ricamora on Teen Angst, Wacky Audiences & Why He Wants to Play a Villain Next

Fashion Roundup! Broadway.com Ranks the Best-Dressed Ladies & Gents at the 2014 Tony Awards

Of Mice and Men’s Jim Parrack on His Hungry Past, True Blood Fans & Mooning James Franco

Light’s Up! It’s Only a Play

Snakes, Ballet & Fireworks: You Can’t Take it With You

She Knows

I was just a kid when 9/11 struck my neighborhood

Avenue Magazine

Editor, Concierge 2014

Editor, Jewels of New York 2014

Time Out New York:

City Stories: Melanie Wildman

City Stories: This Puppy is Ready to Date

City Stories: 24-year-old Alessandra talks Whacky Art School Models, Hasidic Housing & Bacon Pizza

City Stories: Julie Koong

Kitty City

Come Out and Play

Photographing the Last of NYC’s Old-School Pizza Joints

Pat Kiernan’s Food Fight


 “Magic Cures” For Hangovers Are Smoke and Mirrors Above Rock Bottom

Gains and Losses: When Getting Healthier Means Getting Heavier in Sobriety

The “Real Reason” Relapse Rates Spike in Summer

On Stem Cell Usage for ‘Alcoholics’ and Whether We’re Ever ‘Recovered’

The Debate: Am I Desperate Enough to Risk My Sobriety By Smoking Medical Marijuana for Chronic Migraines? 

Fact vs. TV Fiction: What to Expect From a Real Intervention

Prepare U: The Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Curriculum for Students

Knitting Your Way to a Strong Recovery

My Diagnosis is Not an Excuse, It’s a Responsibility

Should you extend your Dry January? Allow us to offer Insight, Hindsight, and Clarity

Making it to 2018: How to Help a Person Who OD’d or Drank Way Too Much

Should You Smoke Weed With Your Kid – Even if They’re 18?

Let’s Talk About the Stigma Surrounding Sobriety

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Teen Opioid Abuse

Why Do People Drink and Drive? The Answers Are Pretty Jarring…

My Best 7 Tips for Newcomers After 2,000 Days Sober

Experts Weigh-In on the Dangers of an Adolescent’s First Toke

Here’s What Happens When You Apply a 12-Step Attitude to Your Fitness Routine

Is Nowhere Safe for a Sober Girl in the City?

Having Sex in Recovery: A Meeting Between the Sheets

Tough Call: How to Find the Red Flags in Your College Drinking

The Healing Power of Dance Movement Therapy

How a Non-Religious Journalist Makes a Case for AA in 2017

Parents With Kids in the Throes of an Emotional Crisis Don’t Need to Feel Alone

Catching It Early: If Addiction is a Learning Disorder, Can We “Unlearn” It?

Should You Have a Sober Wedding?

Getting Sober Young Isn’t Social Suicide

New Study Shows Young Women Are Drinking Just as Much as Men. Yikes!

Spotlight on The Crisis Textline

Get Real: FDA “Tripping” On Trial to Treat PTSD With Ecstasy

New York Press

Local Kids ‘Graduate’ to Better Learning

Broadway Vet Leads the Next Generation

Diane von Furstenberg Awards: Celebs and Courageous Women

Downtown Do-Gooders Hit Hollywood

Designer’s Provocative Cards Benefit Homeless

Special Needs Program Helps Kids Have Fun

Webby Awards Honor Best on the Internet

Point Foundation Gala Commences, Despite News in Boston

Theater Brings Possibility to Local Teens

Wine—and Charity—From South Africa

From Wreck to Ritzy

Taking on Opression, Through Opera

Angels Bring Laughter to Local Groups

Remembering the Life of Liz Berger

Partnership with Children Helps Plug Holes in City Budget

The Man With All the Answers

West Side Community Rallies to Help Toddler with Cancer

Seaport Deal Passes, But Hidden Issues Remain 

The Plot Thickens: Seaport Update

Doggies Party for a Good Cause

Two Tropical Soirees, Downtown Style

Wall Street Rocks

Save Our Seaport Rally

West Village Resident Spearheads a Bolder Way to Give Back

Beloved Pizza Shop Closing After 34 Years

Midtown Challenge Will Raise Money for Homeless

The Temper

How You Can Stay Sane, Sober, and Be of Service Without Meetings

Finding Joy in Sobriety Through Knitting

Nobody Wanted This Dog Because Of Her Looks–’Til One Family Came Along

How to Create a ‘Humane Backyard’ for Wildlife and Turn Your Ordinary Garden LushSeniors Get a Lift When Farm Animals Come to Visit 

Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day! Adoption Event Celebrates Pets With Unknown Birthdays

And On The Seventh Day, This Former Addict Cuts Homeless People’s Hair

More “Homeboys” Can Bake, Sew, Begin Ex-Gang Lives, Thanks to Grant

Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Honored With Best Day Ever on 16th Birthday

Meet The Father of The “No-Kill” Movement

Watch Restaurant Worker’s Incredible Act of Kindness

One NYC Soup Kitchen Offers Food To People And Their Pets

New Website Helps People Giving Up Pets to Avoid Shelters, Find Families

For Many Breast Cancer Patients Yoga is Most Important Medicine

From Tiny Buddha: 6 ‘Love’ Challenges To Help You Live Better

Seniors Get a Lift Whenever Farm Animals Visit 

‘Green’ Stove Dedicated to my Grandma Will Feed 1000s in Haiti

New York’s First Disability Pride Parade Draws 3,000 to Celebrate

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Getting Wired: More Difficult Than Most Landlords Realize

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Comcast’s Internet Essentials Brings Broadband Access to Five Live-Income Chicago Schools

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In the shadow of the World Trade Center, the children of 9/11 come of age, fitfully

Patients overflow in harried lower Manhattan hospital emergency room


The lives we lost on 9/11: How 3 families cope

Peck Slip businesses fear new Seaport park may sink them

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SOUPerbowl 2011 at the NYC Rescue Mission

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Volunteering to be there until the very end

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