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Chic and Regal Knits

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This page is a visual showcase of both garments I’ve created myself and ones that I have knit from other designers! Also—feel free to SHOP! To find out which items are ready to ship or can be custom made, please email HelainaWrites@gmail.com and inquire—I donate 25% of all sales to animal rescue. Knitting Your Wild […]

A Hit of Happiness

Two Lucky Cats Have Volunteer to Thank for Hurricane Michael Rescue

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American Red Cross disaster responders are humanitarians, but their compassion isn’t limited to humans. Volunteer Shanda Scott was assessing the damage to homes in the North Springfield neighborhood of Panama City when she heard what sounded like animals crying.  As she investigated, she spotted two cats leaning out the broken window of a home. A neighbor told Scott the residents had evacuated 10 days earlier, before Hurricane Michael hit, and had not returned. Scott reached in and […]